Riverview Lions Club is proud to be the Host of the N1 Convention!

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The seasons change around us, and each year at this time, we see the needs of others increase. We, as lions, are extremely saddened by the needs of families that feel that they cannot meet their children’s WANTS, while we know that there are those among us, and elsewhere, that wish that they could meet their children’s NEEDS.

Our collection of special volunteers, that give of their time freely and collectively, make up the Riverview Lions Club. These people are very involved in your community, making Riverview an extremely nice place to live.

Please find some time to come out and celebrate our 100th Years of Service as lions around the world. We at the Riverview Lions Club, are celebrating our 57th year. More than ever, we need new lions of both sexes, to help us achieve our many goals for your future.

To become more aware of what lions do, please try these suggestions. Like us on facebook at Riverview Lions Club. Check out our webpage frequently, or drop by and talk to a lion, to see how you can become a part of this exciting group of volunteers. For a more in depth description of what lions do globally, go to Lions Clubs International website.lionsclubs.org

Our motto, We Serve, best describes what we do.

Lion Reg House
Club President.

The Riverview
Lions Club

Located at 701 Coverdale Road

The Riverview Lions Club Community Centre on Coverdale Road has a large capacity accessible main hall that can accommodate nearly any function. Previous uses have been dances for up to 250 people, election polls, minor sports auctions, numerous community events, wedding reception and all sorts of private party events. Check out our Rental page for more information.

Riverview Lions Club

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